Gunns Plans Revealed - by John West (23.02.11)

These documents were released under FOI rules and are in the public domain as information in the public interest.

The documents date around 2008, however, they are still in play, and very current, as they mainly relate to the final module for approval for the proposed pulp mill, which is likely to be approved under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) in the next month or so.

These documents describe Gunns’ alterations to the final plan, their proposed marine pollution monitoring and management, pollution trigger levels and other issues.Some of these documents have been heavily censored.

As they have been released into the public domain, these documents have been released on Tasmanian Times for the public. These documents show the final position of Gunns on some issues, and the state-of-play for the final marine assessment.

There are four reasons for this release:

1. They are in the public domain and should be disseminated.
2. A reading of the marine pollution and monitoring component as offered by Gunns has several identifiable errors, inadequacies, and flaws; shades of their original IIS. It is hoped that other people with the relevant skill-sets can analyze these and produce sharp critiques.
3. In regard to (2), it is hoped that the Commonwealth scientists reviewing the Gunns methodology will pick up on these errors and correct them.
4. In regard to (3), if they do not, the critiques produced in (2), will form a strong basis to challenge the final module, the last hurdle in the Commonwealth approval process.

These documents are the ones forming the basis for the final approval of the mill on the marine impacts information.

It will be valuable to get the documents informing the final EPBC approval and compare them with these documents.

A Brief Guide to the Documents:

Document 3:  A letter to Calton Frame saying the Department will work ‘co-operatively’ with Gunns.
Document 4:  A letter to Peter Garrett asking for changes to the mill plan.
Document 5:  Briefing: Advice to the Government
Document 5:  Attachment A: Gunns information about pipeline deviations.
Document 5:  Attachment B: Alteration by Gunns following an error in Attachment A.
Document 5:  Attachment C: Gunns advice to the Government about effects on listed Flora and Fauna.
Document 5:  Attachment D: Specific information about pipeline variations ranging from the Dilston Bypass to the Egg Island Creek.
Document 5:  Attachment E and F: New maps of the proposed pulp mill.
Document 5:  Attachment G: Agreement from Garrett for the proposed changes to mill design.
Document 6:  Letter from Garrett about hydrodynamic modelling.
Document 7:  A repeat of Document 5.
Document 8:  Notes from an Independent Expert Group meeting held in Melboure, but heavily censored.
Document 9:  Letter from Calton Frame supplying a further amended map of the pulp mill site.
Document 10:  Attachment A: The precommissioning document
Document 10:  Attachment B: Final scoping document for the hydrodynamic modeling.
Document 10:  Attachment C: Poyry report on trigger levels and maximum levels for effluent emissions,
Document 10:  Attachment D: Poyry report on the use of an emergency basin for effluent.
Document 10:  Attachment F: Pollution monitoring plan.
Document 10:  Attachment G: Gunns Baseline and Operational Monitoring Plan.
Document 10:  Attachment H:Gunns Remedial and Response Plan.
Document 10:  Attachment J: Commonwealth approval of variations.
Document 10:  Attachment K: Letter from Calton Frame asking the Commonwealth to relax the effluent emission requirtements.
Document 13:  Another copy of variations to the mill design.

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