Report on alternative uses of hardwood plantations

Tasmania’s hardwood plantation resource is of vital importance to future economic growth.

However, the currently favoured option of converting plantations to wood chips and pulp offers Tasmania:

  • declining returns;
  • processes with high environmental impact;
  • commercial disadvantages for businesses involved in the forest products supply chain;
  • inflexibility in developing high value alternative products.

There are real OPTIONS that offer:

  • environmentally benign processes;
  • multiple high value products that provide competition in the market place for the forest resource;
  • compatibility with other growth areas of the local economy that depend on Tasmania’s clean image;
  • effective linking to the existing high tech skills base in Tasmania.

Other options for using plantation wood include:

  • replacing products hitherto manufactured from crude oil such as plastics, paints, pharmaceuticals and adhesives;
  • producing transport fuels;
  • using biomass as a fuel source for power, etc.

Download a report by engineer Michael Scott on Tasmania’s options for best use of hardwood plantations ‘Prospects for downstream processing of plantation hardwood.pdf’

Prospects for downstream processing of plantation hardwood.pdf146.62 KB