Voters Block - Summary of results re local government elections Oct 07

TAP succeeded in increasing the number of anti mill councilors on three councils at the expense of pro mill candidates in October 2007 elections.

Launceston City Council

Of the 7 Aldermen elected to the LCC, Norton, Shipp, Ball and Nott were endorsed by the Voter's Block for being anti-mill. Jeremy Ball tripled his primary vote from last time. The others elected were Waddle, Peck and Dean. Waddle and Peck had reduced no 1 votes and only got in with preferences.

TAP Voter's Block endorsed Mayoral candidate (van Zetten) got up, as did the TAP endorsed Deputy Mayoral candidate (Armitage). There were two anti-mill mayoral candidates and their combined vote completely trounced pro-mill Ivan Dean 61% to 39%. The balance in the LCC has definitely shifted with a majority against the mill.

West Tamar Council

In the West Tamar municipality, TAP member and Greens candidate Karl Stevens got the second highest primary vote (almost unheard of for a first-time candidate), Viv Tyson, another TAP member got elected and TAP endorsed Peter Kearney was elected Deputy Mayor. Pro-mill sitting councillor Julia Gulson was dumped. There was no election for position of mayor, as Barry Easther was elected unopposed.

George Town Council

In George Town the anti-mill mayoral candidates got 55% of the vote on the first ballot and Doug Burt only just scraped in on preferences. A TAP endorsed candidate Graeme Neilson dumped out a former mayor - pro-mill Laurence Archer. Dr. Andreas Ernst, another TAP endorsed candidate, came within a whisker of being elected.

The TAP Voter's Block influence will carry over into the Federal Election results.