The announcement by Minister Garrett on the remaining pulp mill modules will be made on or before 5 January

The decision by Minister of the Environment, Peter Garrett, on the remaining pulp mill modules submitted by Gunns will be announced on or before Monday 5 January.

The Federal Government was surprised by the huge public opposition to the planned pulp mill when it visited northern Tasmania in November 2008. However, that is no guide as to Garrett's likely decision on the remaining modules.

TAP's analytical team has concluded that Garrett will sign off on all pulp mill modules. From past form, the government will try to limit the political fallout. This is generally done by making unpopular announcements in the holiday season, by making an anouncement late in the day and by creating some form of distraction eg. announcing some other event.

The announcement will shock and anger many in the community who believe that the government is there to represent them.

TAP is preparing a massive response for Tuesday 6 January. Get ready to take part, pass the word around at the office parties and Christmas barbeques. More details to come.