The Real Community Forum

Come to the 'real' community forum and meet Team Bartlett and tell them what you really think.

Where: Beaconsfield Primary School, Grubb St.

When: 11am to about 4.30pm, Sunday October 4.

Why: The State Government is coming to the Beaconsfield Primary School to   "hear your ideas and listen to your views" about issues and concerns   relevant to the Tamar Valley. Most people who have applied to meet   Ministers, Members and Heads of Departments have not been granted   permission and cannot make their views known. 

Members of TAP Into A Better Tasmania see the Government's community  forum as a sham.  

The Government fully supports Gunns' planned pulp mill in the Tamar  valley despite "critical non compliance", majority opposition, a corrupted   planning process, denial of community input and promises of no more  support.  

We invite the community to join a real forum outside the Beaconsfield   Primary School to voice concerns over the biggest single threat to jobs,   clean air, health, property values, investments, and lifestyle in the Tamar  Valley, and over the risks to democracy posed by politicians who are not  interested in protecting the public. 

The Government says it wants to hear your "concerns" so here is your  chance to tell them.  

All are invited to have a say (2 mins max) on the soapbox of democracy to  the assembled crowd outside and the government on the inside. 

Sound your displeasure with the Government.

Bring your rage, bring your bells, bring you whistles, pots and pans(and ear plugs) to make a din loud enough for the  Government to really hear your "concerns" for your health, jobs and for  your future.


Click "read more" to see the magic bus time table for Beaconsfield TAP Community Forum and how to book a seat.

Deloraine to Beaconsfield, Sunday 4 October 2009

8.30am Depart Deloraine - Red Line Bus Stop

8.50am Westbury - Cross Roads (Church & Pub)

9.00am Hagley - Purple Pub

9.15am Hadspen - Red Feather Inn (Middle of Main Street)

9.35am Launceston - Metro Bus Terminal (opp Maccas)

10.00am Riverside - West Tamar Council Chambers

10.10am Legana - Woolworths car park

10.25am Exeter - Chemist car park

11.00am Arrive Beaconsfield

Return 2.30pm Departs Beaconsfield for return journey.

Cost - $3 a head one way ($6 for round trip. Please give the exact amount as the driver cannot provide change).

For bookings please contact Chris Hullock phone 0439 860 470 or email

Note, if there are too few passengers (20) the service will not eventuate as the bus has to cover fuel costs. So round up your friends and get a party together.

East Tamar Bus There is the possibility of a bus from the East Tamar if there is sufficient demand but numbers need to make it worth while - at least 20.

Food: local shops are staying open and hot food is available. Please support local businessess.