Join us at the TAP real community forum, George Town, 11.30am Sunday 25 Oct

Tappers are going to George Town on Sunday. The government has abandoned the health of the North Tamar - TAP hasn't! Why not travel by bus? There is a bus stop near you on route. Price $6 return. Timetable 8.20am   Deloraine - Red Line Bus Stop 8.50am  Westbury - Cross Roads (Church & Pub) 9.20am  Launceston - Metro Bus Terminal (opp Maccas) 9.40am Riverside - West Tamar Council Chambers 10.00am Legana - Woolworths Car Park 10.20am Exeter - Chemist Car Park 10.40am Beaconsfield - Memorial Hall Car Park 11.10am George Town Driver will arrange return time with passengers. Payment will be to TAP. Bookings close 12 noon Saturday. Contact Chris Hullock 0439 860 470 or email to make a booking. Please leave your phone number with Chris to confirm that the service has enough bookings and for contact by driver if necessary. The times are approximate so please wait if the bus is running late and enjoy the view. Alternatively think of our esteemed Premier David Bartlett and his mates pictured below.

Drum out the government

Join TAP’s next real community forum, not the Government pretend community forum. A peaceful gathering for a better democracy.

What Have your say from the real community forum soapbox, 2 minute speakers invited. Have some fun banging your pots and pans telling the politicians what you really think. Bring pots, pans, drums, bugles – anything to make a noise with lots of others.
Where: Port Dalrymple School, Cimitiere & Agnes Streets, George Town.
When: 11.30am Sunday, 25 October.
Why: The State Government is coming to George Town to "hear your ideas and listen to your views" about issues and concerns relevant to the Tamar Valley. Here is your  chance to tell them:

  • Voter concerns have been deliberately ignored by politicians who we pay more than $108,000 a year each to represent us. Now they want your vote.
  • The corrupted fast-track assessment looked only at benefits, not the costs including job losses in tourism, wineries, agriculture and fishing, declining property values and damage to health.
  • Most of the jobs will be for imported specialist workers not Tasmanians.
  • Millions of our taxpayer funds have already been diverted away from failing essential services (hospitals and schools) to subsidise forestry and the mill (at least $250m/year).
  • All ways of seeking compensation for harm through the courts were closed in special legislation written for Gunns.