The people of Tasmania are desperate for a return to democracy and a return to sanity in a world being torn apart by greed. 'A WORM in the APPLE' by film maker David Leigh follows their fight against overwhelming odds.

Australians, like all in the free world, have fought and continue to fight for democracy. The Australian federal government despatches troops to far off corners of the globe to restore, what most of us think is our right.

Tasmania suffers from tyranny at the hands of a corrupt government, propelled by the fuel of commerce. Depopulation of Tasmania’s north east by 2020, for the installation of massive blue gum plantations, is hidden from the world. Toxic sprays from helicopters are causing deterioration in the health of the community, while infrastructure is being broken down and jobs cut.

Meanwhile, the Rudd Government sells the clean green image of Tasmanian forestry, to large carbon emitters, as a way of evading carbon tax.

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