How the pulp mill investment works

The business of investing in a pulp mill that is manufactured in Finland and assembled in Tasmania works this way.


Federal cash on demand

Are MIS plantation operators and finance industry donations to major political parties driving the conversion of farmland to trees at taxpayers expense? Here is how it works.

Why are they hiding the costs?

The benefits of the pulp mill are spruiked by the Government but:


Water audit of the South Esk Basin and an assessment of proposed pulp mill requirements

Is there enough for a pulp mill?

A water audit of inputs and outputs from the South Esk basin over the summer period of 2006-07 unveils a story of declining supplies and increasing demands.

The audit highlights a covert competition for water security involving Meander valley irrigators; Midlands farmers; domestic consumers in Campbell Town, Ross and Tunbridge; domestic consumers supplied by Esk Water; environmental flows to sustain river health; consumption by expanding plantations in the headwaters; and direct use by the proposed pulp mill.

Voters Block

TAP is a non-party political movement. Voters who have added their names to the Voters Block have pledged not to vote for a local, state or federal candidates who support Gunns proposed pulp mill in the Tamar valley. The Voters Block has over 23 700 names and has surpassed the original target of 22 000. The number is growing daily and the new target is 28 000. Send an email to for further information about the Voters Block.