TAP in 2021

tapvison is still online after 14 years. In 2021 the Tamar Valley is free of the polluting pulp mill that Tasmanian politicians needed so desperately to prop-up their fake economy. The major parties have been sabotaging the economy for so long that elections are just competions over who manages unpayable debt.

In 2018 and 2019 we experienced record-breaking heatwaves similar to the summer of 2016 that bought drought, bushfires and energy shortages to Tasmania. It's obvious there was never going to be enough water to supply Gunns pulp mill. Later in 2016 drought turned to floods and people asked 'when will politicians stop changing the climate by exporting coal and wood chips'? Forestry Tasmania (STT) actually 'sterilise' our forests by burning them every 70 to 80 year rotation to make them easier to log on the next rotation. At least now climate change is universally accepted and people are on the lookout for the thugs and corrupt politicians who have caused this mess. 


Tasmania Exports Swift Parrot Habitat To A COVID-Infested Hell Hole

Left. The Phoebe Star about to leave Hobart on April 29 2021. The Grassroots  Action Network boarded the ship to highlight the insanity of STT* exporting native specialty timber logs to a Sarawak palm oil cartel owned by the corrupt 'Taib Timber Mafia'.

TasPorts covered-up the Phoebe Star movements and destination at the same time as the Tasmanian government wanted us to comply with contact tracing. No wonder corrupt Malaysia is being hammered by COVID with friends like these? 

The logs will be peeled into veneer and resold by Hamed Sepawi and his cronies. Anybody can buy the German-made peeling machines and do this here in Tasmania. Except the bluegums being veneered will push swift parrots and other species into certain extinction.

But they are only swift parrots, can't we eliminate them like we did the Aborigines, thylacines and Gondwana rainforests? Yes we can, because kissing the feet of Sarawak's palm oil billionaires is something Guy Barnett does extremly well. (what is Guy Barnett's net worth?)

*Sustainable Timber Tasmania lost $1.3billion in the last 20 years, so the pathetic amount they got for this shipload would barely cover drinks at Salamanca on Friday night. None of Tasmania's crippling debt was repayed by destroying the swift parrot habitat. It just got worse. That is the insane part of this export.

Above. The Phoebe Star reached the COVID infested port of Bintulu Sarawak on May 19. Here the swift parrot habitat is unloaded and processed by Ta Ann, the palm oil Neanderthals that essentially wiped-out Orangutans on the island.

But all is not lost. Malaysia is one of the most corrupt nations on Earth and now it's reaping what it sowed. It is being devastated by COVID-19 and it's corrupt government is out of it's depth. We advise Australians not to donate money for Malaysia's Covid recovery because you will only be supporting corruption.

Fortunately, Tasmania is home to a generous and wealthy past director of Forestry Tasmania who can give his friends in Sarawak as much   money as needed to combat the pandemic. Even logging Minister Barnett can afford to finance Sarawak's COVID vaccination program. After all, why should Taib Mahmud and cousin Hamed Sepawi spend any of their billions on a COVID relief program when they have the Tasmanian government in their pocket?

Communist China Covering-Up Native Forest Imports From Tasmania

                                            photo by Dave Logan marinetraffic .com

This rustbucket is the 'Glorius Plumeria'. It carries about 10,000 tonnes of woodchips. It left Bell Bay Tasmania on March 8 2021 telling TasPorts it's destination is Singapore. That was a lie. It's real destination was Dafeng mainland China. This is a new destination port for Tasmanian native forest woodchips. The Dalia which has just left Bell Bay 6 is also going to Dafeng.

Possibly Communist China has opened a new pulp mill in Dafeng or perhaps they are using Tasmanian forest woodchips for some other purpose. For the Tasmanian logging industry to mindlessly supply a hostile foreign power during a meaningless local election is a matter of global concern. Especially when the Tasmanian logging industry is effectively backstabbing Australian primary producers like barley, wine and seafoods. Supplying totalitarian China at this time is criminal.

Pulp Mill Site To Produce Hydrogen?

TAP Research is aware plans are underway to produce hydrogen at Bell Bay. PM Morrison pledged to fund hydrogen production under his 'gasfired COVID' recovery plan. We are aware the pulp mill site and a proposed workers village near George Town went to the same buyer. But why did the buyer remain annonymous? Is the buyer the Federal or State governments or is the buyer one of Morrisons mates in the fuel and energy sector?

Hydrogen is extremly explosive if anything goes wrong. The Feds would assume they will only be killing a few workers at the Forico chip mill and destroying a few vineyards at Rowella if there is an explosion. The Liberals in their permanent slumber think Tasmania is the 'battery of the nation'. As usual Tasmanian residents subsidise this 'battery' because many of them can't afford to heat their homes with electricity. Sadly, Tasmanians think it's normal to be to be exploited by governments and multinational corporations.

COVID-19 Means Woodchip Exports To China Continue As Normal

Since the WHO called COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11 2020, woodchip movements between China and Tasmania have continued. It appears the health of crew is being 'self declared' by the ship's captain and assessed by the harbour pilots, although they have no medical training. We are watching for Corona transmissions in George Town and Burnie as crews stock-up on supplies from the food retailers.

Dark Water - Mike Cassidy's Son Makes a Doco About The Franklin Dam Protest

The late Mike Cassidy was the founder of this web site. Now Mike's son Oliver is making a movie about the Franklin River Blockade.

Mike protesting at the Franklin River

The Dark Water team are looking for funding for the documentary. You can make a contribution here.

Corrupt Korda Mentha Sell Pulp Mill Site - Cover-Up New Owners


A spokesman for the receivers KordaMentha said that two sites adding up to 363 hectares had been sold.

The sales comprise the former pulp mill site at Long Reach and a site near George Town which was originally proposed for a worker's village during pulp mill construction.

The spokesman said that one of the sites had been settled and the other would be settled soon.

"There are two separate buyers and it up to them what they do with the sites," the spokesman said.

Peter Henning Releases A Book On Bob McMahon, Completes A Book Started By Bob


Tasmanian writer Peter Henning has released 'No Chains To Rust' a book on TAP founder Robert McMahon. Peter also completed a book on Tasmanian RAAF pilot Alan Bowman, a project started by Bob McMahom before his death in 2013. Both books were launched at Petrarch's Bookshop Launceston on Friday 23 November 2018 at 6 pm.


Petrarch's Bookshop 89 Brisbane St Launceston, Tasmania 7250 (03) 6331 8088 info@petrarchs.com.au
Amazon Australia - Link to Peter's books
Booktopia Australia - Link to Peter's books        

TAP Christmas BBQ

Dear Deviot Families and Friends

We are kicking off the festive season with a Christmas BBQ and a ‘Tasmanians Against the Pulp Mill’ (TAP) celebration, combined.

Sunday 16th December at the Deviot Hall, commencing at 4.30pm.

Meat and alcohol will be provided at no cost, thanks to the generosity of TAP!

BYO salads, non-alcoholic drinks and other goodies.

We do hope you are free to come and celebrate with us.  For catering purposes, please RSVP by 10 December to Kaye Thompson 

Where Do Tasmania's Woodchips Go?

All of Tasmania's woodchips are exported to Asia. Despite the dribble from forestry minister Guy Barnett, Tasmanian woodchips are not traded on the world market but are consumed by grossly unsustainable populations that are often hostile to Australia. The Tasmania-Asia 'woodchip conveyor belt' causes climate change and is an ecological and financial disaster for Tasmania.


From one woodchip heap to another. Here woodchips are unloaded at the port of Zhanjiang China. These are native forest woodchips exported by Artec Bell Bay Tasmania. All of Tasmania's woodchips are certified by corrupt Sydney company Global-Mark except some from Forico certified by Soil Association.

Woodchip destination port at Longkou China. Here ex-Artec native forest woodchips are unloaded alongside petroleum products. It's possible these woodchips are mixed with waste and burned as boiler fuel. Transport of these woodchips is partlially subsidised by the Tasmanian taxpayer to grow and enrich the overpopulated, crony capitalist dictatorship of China. Also certified by corrupt Sydney company Global-Mark.

Smartfibre Bought By Reliance Forest Fibre Based In The Cayman Islands

Why did Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) sell woodchip loader Smartfibre to a Cayman Islands registered shelf company just so NSFP could build a another woodchip loading port somewhere else in Tasmania? Smartfibre was wholly-owned by NSFP but was transfered to Reliance Forest Fibre (RFF) in March 2018.


Global-Mark, the Sydney-based auditor of Smartfibre's FSC 'controlled wood' and 'chain of custody' covered-up the transfer of Smartfibre. Unbelievably, Global-Mark issued a complete set of FSC and AFS certificates to a company that didn't exist. The certificates are available HERE. At the time Global-mark certified RFF-Smartfibre they were not registered with ASIC as a legal entity. Global-Mark appears to be systematically corrupting the FSC system. Global-Mark published these allegedly fraudulent certificates online for months but as soon as somebody noticed they disapeared in a flash. TAP will store these incriminating certificates indefinitely. The 'Controlled Wood' that Global-Mark is supposed to monitor is an absolute joke with woodchip bulk carriers movements covered-up in Tasmania and elsewhere.  Global-Mark are corrupt and need to be investigated by the ACCC.

'Reliance' lease 29,000 hectares of publicly-owned plantations in dodgy deal. 

Check-out Reliance's 'notification' vis Smartfibre's FSC certifier Global-Mark?

STT chair Rob De Fegeley (ex-Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro) has been pulling some strings with his extensive contacts in the logging industry. It's possible this is a backdoor attempt to get FSC controlled wood certification for STT (Forestry Tasmania). After-all who has seen the 99 year lease contract allowing US-owned Reliance to operate on public land? Nobody.

Two large offshore funds, based in taxhavens, Forico and Reliance now control the entire Tasmanian hardwood plantation sector. Almost the entire Tasmanian timber industry is certified by one company - Global-Mark. Essentially, the whole Tasmanian woodchip industry has only one customer - the 'Asian Population Catastrophe'.

The take-home message is that 'catastrophic climatechange' is actually 'catastrophic overpopulation'. In Tasmania, we see Chinese agents masquerading as fundamentalist Liberals. Guy Barnett and Eric Abetz are examples of fake Liberals working against the Australian Nation.



Where Do Woodchip Exports From Bell Bay 6 Go?

This year the Bell Bay Wharf 6 export data was expanded to show where the woodchips are going. We live on the Earth's driest continent and our economy is already being dragged-down by climate change. So who makes money from destroying Tasmanian carbon sinks and how do they get away with it?

ARTEC's exports go to just 2 Asian countries with Taiwan getting over 90,000 tonnes. These are non-FSC native forest woodchips sold by the Tasmanian government owned STT. Artec appears to be a thinly-veiled front company for STT and the relentless Asian carbon conveyor belt.

Neville-Smith Forest Products (NSFP) plantation chips go to just 3 Asian countries with the majority going to China. In 2018 'capitalist' Taiwan was buying cheap non-FSC chips from Artec while 'communist' China bought more expensive FSC woodchips from NSFP. The other Bell Bay exporter New Forests (called 'Forico' in Tasmania) declares their woodchip exports on the TasPorts web site while both Artec and NSFP-Smartfibre continue to hide all shipping. Thats why TAP tracks their exports.

Overall volumes of Smartfibre plantation chips lag Artec by 1/3. This is due to the higher costs and inherant weaknesses of clonal plantations in Tasmania. FSC certification of these chips is highly dubious with NSFP certification organization Global Mark offering multiple certification schemes.

All Tasmanian wood chips only go to Asia. The fact the majority of the Earth's population live in one circle in Asia means Tasmanians have no conscience when it comes to supporting global population explosions. Our climate is being changed by sheer numbers of people and nothing more.

So Australia is mindlessly feeding our forests to the Asian population explosion. Forests that once stabilised the Earth's climate. Our government claim we have to do this because of debt, trade imbalance and jobs but the truth is we are already economic hostages of Asia.


On February 9 a large shipment left Bell Bay for China transported by a bulk coal carrier. The global downturn of coal exports has led to the re-assignment of large capacity bulk coal carriers as wood chip carriers. An indication of how ruthless and irresponsible the Asian overpopulatiuon juggernaught has become.

Pulp Mill Permits Expire - TAP Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE  4 Sept. 2017
TAP into a better Tasmania

The pulp mill proposed by Gunns for the Tamar Valley was never a viable proposition according to the President of TAP, Mr Tim Thorne.
"It would have been disastrous both economically and environmentally," he said.
"Now that the permits have expired, residents of the Tamar Valley can get on with their lives without the shadow of this monstrosity hanging over them," Mr Thorne declared.
"The pity is that tens of millions of dollars, including State Government funds, were drained from the local economy during the cynical exercise which constituted this absurd proposal."

John Clarke And Bryan Dawe - Gunns Running Tasmania

Not much has changed on 'Wood Chip Island' since John Clark and Bryan Dawe did a satire on the Premier of Tasmania. It's from July 2007. Labor idiots have been replaced by Liberal idiots but the failed ideology is the same. Just like the Adani coal mine the Liberals and Labor were right behind Gunns. Enjoy losing the Great Barrier Reef idiots.

How FSC Covered-Up Tasmania's Wood Chip Carbon Drains

Many Tasmanians know our forests were once the World's best carbon stores. Who would guess the actual drain holes that swallow Tasmania's carbon and deliver it to the insatiable Asian pulp market can be seen on Google Maps? There has been a systematic cover-up of Tasmanian wood chip exports and FSC is involved.



















At left is the ARTEC native forest wood chip mill and drainage pipe supplied at a loss by Forestry Tasmania. To the right is the FSC 'chain of custody' carbon drain from the NSFP-Smartfibre chip mill. All ships that export from Bell Bay 6 are hidden by the Tasmanian shipping regulator TasPorts.

In an opaque and loss making industry such as Tasmanian forestry, cover-ups are routine, but how can Smartfibre's FSC auditor Global Mark pretend hiding entire ships is 'chain of custody'? Bell Bay Wharf 6 currently exports over 200,000 tonnes a year and both Artec and Smartfibre want to increase exports many times over. Now Artec is waiting for downstream-FSC certification delivered by the bankrupt Forestry Tasmania. As usual, most of the infrastucture is provided by the state at a loss.

The Earth's weather is now more dangerous and unpredictable so why is FSC hiding the destruction of carbon storing forests? By covering-up multi-million dollar wood chip exports FSC could be facilitating tax evasion because it's hard to know which wood chips are being 'drained' at any point in time. With a single wood chip conveyor it's also possible to mix wood chip exports at any time. Does Global Mark know if wood chip mixing is happening? TAP has evidence of wood chip carriers loading at other ports on the Asian run. The fact FSC has been a party to multi-million dollar income hiding is a disgrace. The main role FSC has played in Tasmania is to transfer ownership of the local timber industry to foreign control. FSC did everything they could to tranfer Gunns certificates to New Forests knowing Gunns were trading while insolvent.