Media Bias


Southern Cross TV 9/3/12 Jo Palmer introduced the second story on Southern Cross news she said “and in better news Tasmania’s health system…..” - Inference being Chandler withdrawing from Gunns Lts was “bad news” (David)

ABC Tasmania Radio -Drive 9/3/12 Louise Saunders woeful interview with Bryan Green.Several times she tried to get him to bite and blame the greenies for Chandler’s decision.  He resisted more than once, saying that there were a number of reasons and seemed to not be wanting to have a go at the greenies.  In fact, he really had a shot at Will’s party for its shallow ‘rip up the IGA and everything will turn out all right’ approach.  But Louise Saunders couldn’t leave it alone.  She had to get him to say it was the greenies fault and so she persisted.  Finally he gave in and said what was required. (Garry)

ABC Tasmania Morning Radio 9/3/12 - Leon Compton interviewing Markets for change
Very biased interview in my opinion. (Bruce)





Mercury editorial March 10 2012 'No rescue in sight' on the Richard Chandler pullout. The editorial goes on with 'ON a much brighter note, the plan to build an 18-hole golf course blah, blah,blah'   (Karl)