About Tapvision

Tapvision was started by Mike Cassidy in early 2007. It is TAP's official website and functions as a service to the community. It plays a major role in stopping Gunns build a 1.1 million tonne pa pulp mill in the Tamar Valley. Tapvision.info is supported by TAP Into a Better Tasmania with community donations. The site has operated continuously for 6 and a half years and is to be maintained indefinitely as a tribute to the tens of thousands of Tasmanians who stood up against corruption and ignorance. The site is a living document on how to fight and win community campaigns. Tapvision is also a tribute to 2 outstanding Tasmanians, Mike Cassidy and Bob McMahon. Mike managed the site initially on dial-up and chose a system that could be maintained into the future. Bob was our media representative and never stopped believing Gunns and their political cronies could and would be defeated. By concidence Mike and Bob were the same age and died less than a year apart. They left behind an incredible legacy. The people of the Tamar Valley can live their lives knowing they will not be poisoned by toxic waste from big business and big government. It's now much harder for corporate greed to sacrifice innocent Australians in the name of profit. In gratitude to their legacy we are happy to dedicate tapvision.info to Mike and Bob.