Where Do Tasmania's Woodchips Go?

All of Tasmania's woodchips are exported to Asia. Despite the dribble from forestry minister Guy Barnett, Tasmanian woodchips are not traded on the world market but are consumed by grossly unsustainable populations that are often hostile to Australia. The Tasmania-Asia 'woodchip conveyor belt' causes climate change and is an ecological and financial disaster for Tasmania.


From one woodchip heap to another. Here woodchips are unloaded at the port of Zhanjiang China. These are native forest woodchips exported by Artec Bell Bay Tasmania. All of Tasmania's woodchips are certified by corrupt Sydney company Global-Mark except some from Forico certified by Soil Association.

Woodchip destination port at Longkou China. Here ex-Artec native forest woodchips are unloaded alongside petroleum products. It's possible these woodchips are mixed with waste and burned as boiler fuel. Transport of these woodchips is partlially subsidised by the Tasmanian taxpayer to grow and enrich the overpopulated, crony capitalist dictatorship of China. Also certified by corrupt Sydney company Global-Mark.