Communist China Covering-Up Native Forest Imports From Tasmania

                                            photo by Dave Logan marinetraffic .com

This rustbucket is the 'Glorius Plumeria'. It carries about 10,000 tonnes of woodchips. It left Bell Bay Tasmania on March 8 2021 telling TasPorts it's destination is Singapore. That was a lie. It's real destination was Dafeng mainland China. This is a new destination port for Tasmanian native forest woodchips. The Dalia which has just left Bell Bay 6 is also going to Dafeng.

Possibly Communist China has opened a new pulp mill in Dafeng or perhaps they are using Tasmanian forest woodchips for some other purpose. For the Tasmanian logging industry to mindlessly supply a hostile foreign power during a meaningless local election is a matter of global concern. Especially when the Tasmanian logging industry is effectively backstabbing Australian primary producers like barley, wine and seafoods. Supplying totalitarian China at this time is criminal.