Speak on radio

ABC 'Tas Mornings Show' Contact Tim Cox  from 8.30am to 12 noon State-wide. Phone 1300 222 936 SMS 199 22 936. Email tasmornings@your.abc.net.au

ABC ‘Drive’ program Contact Roisin McCann from 4.00pm, Northern Tasmania. Phone 1300 361 688 SMS 199 22 917. Email drivenorthtas@your.abc.net.au

ABC Radio National 'Australia Talks',  6.00-7.00pm weekdays. To join the discussion of a specific topic during the broadcast, call 1300 22 55 76 (1300 CALL RN) for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Australia. (Calls from mobile phones are charged as per your normal rate plan).


Hints for radio talking
Talkback is a great way to get the message out, often covering a different audience from those who read the papers. Here are some tips (edited suggestions by Tom Nilsson).

1) Write down some notes about what you want to say before you ring up.  Aim for no more than say 3 key points.

2) Talk in your natural speaking voice, clearly and not too fast.  If the presenter makes a point and you need to respond you may need to ad lib.
4) Ring early in the program so as to be more likely to get on. 

5) It helps to ring up on a point that has already been talked about on the program, and particularly in response to an interview.  For example if the presenter has just finished an interview then if you ring up and say you want to comment on what was just said, you are more likely to get on.