Update letter for TAP from Ald Jeremy Ball re Gunns' pipeline route.

Dear TAP members
On Tuesday January 13 2009 I emailed 2 questions to Launceston City Council's Director's of Infrastructure and Plannng.
The questions were
1.  Does the realignment of Gunns proposed water pipeline bring it on to any LCC land?
2.  Does the realignment of the pipeline along the E Tamar Higway corridor have any implications for the Development Application Council in currently considering re the Dilston Bypass and East Tamar Highway upgrade.?
Preliminary responses to both questions were "No - the proposed changes do not impact on any LCC owned land."
However Harry Galea Director of Infrastructure informed me that since all Gunns technical staff were on leave till January 19 he couldn't get a definitive answer till then.
Interestingly today I received an email from Harry Galea that technical staff hadn't got back to him and the request has now been forwarded to Mr Winston Quaile who will be providing the definitive response.
As soon as I receive that response I will forward it to TAP.
Previously LCC General Manager Frank Dixon has made it clear to Gunns Ltd that since LCC withdrew support for the Pulp Mill in November 2007 Council will in no way cooperate with Gunns Ltd on any aspect of the Pulp Mill project and this is still the case.
I am continuing to pursue other avenues where LCC can take action on the Mill and will keep everyone informed of actions as they happen.
Let's make this the year we put the Pulp Mill out of its misery once and for all!

Alderman Jeremy Ball

Launceston City Council