Important limited opportunity to have a say re the proposed East Tamar Highway bypass

The East Tamar Highway is now part of the National AusLink Network. The stated design intent of this bypass is "to maintain truck speeds at or near 100kph" (read log trucks).

The bypass will be affected by fog at least 70 days per year. Why build a black spot into a national highway?

The current development application with Launceston City Council still contains the controversial T-junctions.

The local Bypass Safety Committee has strongly recommended using the existing Rocherlea Overpass as the main Southern intersection with the Dilston, Windermere, Swan Bay bypass, by utilising the 14-metre-wide nature strip.

If the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) submits an amendment integrating the overpass at Rocherlea, the proposal can be approved by Council and work can start immediately.

DIER estimate the added cost would be $1.6m. Formerly Infrastructure Minister Jim Cox estimates that each road death costs the community $1.74m! (The Examiner 24 Jan 2008)

The Launceston City Council will meet at 1pm on Monday 16 February 2009 at the council chambers to assess the application. Concerned residents (and road users!) will be allowed two mins each to express their concerns. Residents are urged to attend.

The threat implied by the current minister for DIER (Graeme Sturges) that the bypass may not proceeed (The Examiner 6 Dec 2008) puts the Council, which has been very supportive of community concerns, in an invidious position.

Action: East Tamar residents and all users of the East Tamar Highway are urged to take advantage of this limited opportunity to attend the Launceston City Council meeting and express concerns.
When: 1pm on Monday 16 February 2009  
Where: Launceston City Council chambers, Town Hall, Launceston.