Your chance to help challenge the Tasmanian Government's assessment of Gunns' pulp mill

On behalf of all Tasmanians, three courageous people - an organic walnut farmer, a winemaker, and remedial massage therapist along with Environment Tasmania -  have gone to the Supreme Court to challenge the government's decisions to refuse to give reasons for its decisions in relation to the pulp mill assessment and approval.

Now is an absolutely critical time to help them with your donation to challenge the Tasmanian Government's assessment of Gunns' pulp mill and save the Tamar Valley, Tasmania's forests and our natural environment .

With Gunns granted partial federal government approval for the mill and continuing to talk to potential pulp mill investors, the three courageous Tasmanians need your help with the crucial legal challenge.

You can become a leader in stopping Gunns Pulp Mill by donating to the legal challenge fund and passing on this message to your friend's and supporters of Tasmania natural environment and vibrant, wine, agriculture and tourism industries.

In the first legal challenge to the Tasmanian Government's assessment of Gunns' pulp mill, three Tamar Valley business owners and Environment Tasmania have launched a Supreme Court challenge to the Tasmanian Government's approval of Gunns' pulp mill in the Tamar Valley. The court case is currently due to be heard in the first week of April 2009, and they need your help and donations to fund this legal challenge. To read more about this important legal challenge, go to

Simply, this is a brave attempt to restore faith in our democracy and to restore due process for the benefit of all Tasmanians. In standing up to the government and Gunns, the farmer, winemaker, and therapist are taking a real risk. As this case proceeds they will need as much community support as possible. You can help in a profound way by donating or by contacting the Environment Tasmania office on 03 6224 6319 to find out what you can do to support this important case.

Donations can be made:

  • online at
  • through MyState Financial: Account Name: Environment Tasmania Inc, BSB: 807 009 Account Number: 6004 1026
  • by cheque to: Environment Tasmania Legal Challenge Fund, PO Box 1073 Hobart 7001.

With you on their side as a donor,  openess and democracy can be restored for the benefit of all Tasmanians. Instead of viewing the future with fear and dread, you can take a step forward to creating a healthy sustainable future. 


Please note: Contributions and donations to the legal challenge fund are not tax deductible, donations to the legal challenge fund will be used to pay for the legal costs of the pulp mill legal challenge, any remaining funds once the legal challenge is over and all costs paid will be retained by Environment Tasmania Inc for use in its ongoing environmental campaigns. Environment Tasmania, Tasmania's Conservation Council PO BOX 1073 Hobart, Tas 7001 Ph: (03) 6224 6319