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TAP newspaper

Here is the online copy of the first edition [Summer 09/2010] of TAP's newspaper. You can download a pdf of the four A3 sized pages at the bottom and print off copies.

Its purpose is to detail in newspaper format how the proposed pulp mill, the fourth-largest kraft pulp mill in the world, threatens the health, jobs, lifestyle and investments of the community.

Its publication was made possible by thousands of small donations from the community. You too can make an important contribution to the printing and distribution costs of the next edition. See Donate now top right of the screen for making an online donation or sending a cheque. c/- Treasurer, TAP Into a Better Tasmania, PO Box 392 Launceston 7250. Cheques should be made payable to TAP Inc.


Newspaper contents

Page 1

  • Valley filled with toxic stench?
  • $270million slashed from property values
  • Artificial fogs risk road disasters


Page 2

  • Editorial
  • Letters to the editor
  • Businesses trapped in the foul gas zone


Page 3

  • Net loss of jobs
  • Pulp mill hits all Tasmanians hard
  • Pulp Mill headlines
  • Legal rights removed by Labor-Liberal alliance


Page 4

  • Dismantling Tasmanian democracy
  • Mill not a done deal
  • Hidden $595 million annual costs of the pulp mill
  • Can you trust the government to protect you?
  • Majority oppose mill
  • Plantations means pesticides
  • Take control



TAP does not support any particular politician.

Members of TAP want to protect the community’s health, lifestyles and investments from the proposed pulp mill. TAP also:

  • supports a return to an independent scientific assessment of the pulp mill and all development proposals.
  • is concerned by the on-going conversion of our food-producing land to tree plantations without proper assessment.
  • supports the repeal of Section 11 of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act which takes away the public’s right of appeal.
  • is concerned by the failure of our political ‘representatives’ to represent our interests. The Labor party demands its members in Parliament swear an oath of allegiance to the party and its policy, even if they privately disagree with it.
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