Voters Block

TAP is a non-party political movement. Voters who have added their names to the Voters Block have pledged not to vote for a local, state or federal candidates who support Gunns proposed pulp mill in the Tamar valley. The Voters Block has over 23 700 names and has surpassed the original target of 22 000. The number is growing daily and the new target is 28 000. Send an email to for further information about the Voters Block. 


Voters Block in action for local council elections

Listed candidates in local Council elections, October 2009 oppose Gunns' planned pulp mill in the Tamar Valley and are supported by the Voters Block.  


Success of the Voters Block

For an assessment of the success of the Voters Block in the last Federal elections, go to Has the Voters Block been successful?


How to join the Voters block?

Simply click on register for the Voters Block online and add your name(s), address, email and electorate.

  • Names and details will be added to a confidential data base. This information will only be used in conjunction with the Voters Block and will be deleted when the mill is defeated.
  • Alternatively, download the Voters Block form v5.pdf from below, print off a few copies and starting getting names. Leave the voters block form in the tea room at work or some where suitable.
  • Prior to election, candidates will be interviewed on the subject of the pulp mill and their responses communicated to all on the database. A list of voters on the Voters Block will be shown to candidates in the appropriate electorates to show them the political risks of supporting the proposed pulp mill.


Voters Block Registration form v6.pdf71.65 KB

Upcoming council elections

Has the TAP heirachy vetted the candidates for the West Tamar (and other) councils yet, and can you please post a list to all "Tappers" on the voters block before the upcoming elections.

Sorry to ask you to do something extra, as I am well aware of the mind boggling amount of work you already do in keeping our suspect pollies & councillors honest.
I am most grateful to you all, and we attend as many rallies as we can in support of the campaign to keep Tasmania clean, green and environmentally responsible.

Voters Block

Hi Tazz,

You rightly point out out that voters will soon start receiving their ballot papers (13 to 16 Oct). TAP members who are working on the Voters Block project are currently identifying which candidates are not in favour of the proposed pulp mill. This information will be progressively posted on this website.

We know that some candidates, when asked about their view on the pulp mill, attempt to hedge their bets with an each way answer. They will not be supported by the Voters Block.

In the meantime, we are contacting candidates opposed to the mill to invite them to attend the TAP regular fortnightly meeting 7.15pm for 7.30pm this Thursday 8 October  at the Riverside Community Centre off Brownfields Lane, behind the Riverside High School, West Tamar Highway, Launceston.

We are expecting candidates from the George Town, West Tamar, Launceston, Meander and possibly the Northern Midlands municipalities to take up the invitation. Each candidate will have an opportunity to speak for a short time to an audience of  TAP members who come from all areas.

There will be refeshments and an opportunity to mix and mingle.

Local council voting closes at 10am, Tuesday 27 October.