Smartfibre Bought By Reliance Forest Fibre Based In The Cayman Islands

Why did Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) sell woodchip loader Smartfibre to a Cayman Islands registered shelf company just so NSFP could build a another woodchip loading port somewhere else in Tasmania? Smartfibre was wholly-owned by NSFP but was transfered to Reliance Forest Fibre (RFF) in March 2018.


Global-Mark, the Sydney-based auditor of Smartfibre's FSC 'controlled wood' and 'chain of custody' covered-up the transfer of Smartfibre. Unbelievably, Global-Mark issued a complete set of FSC and AFS certificates to a company that didn't exist. The certificates are available HERE. At the time Global-mark certified RFF-Smartfibre they were not registered with ASIC as a legal entity. Global-Mark appears to be systematically corrupting the FSC system. Global-Mark published these allegedly fraudulent certificates online for months but as soon as somebody noticed they disapeared in a flash. TAP will store these incriminating certificates indefinitely. The 'Controlled Wood' that Global-Mark is supposed to monitor is an absolute joke with woodchip bulk carriers movements covered-up in Tasmania and elsewhere.  Global-Mark are corrupt and need to be investigated by the ACCC.

'Reliance' lease 29,000 hectares of publicly-owned plantations in dodgy deal. 

Check-out Reliance's 'notification' vis Smartfibre's FSC certifier Global-Mark?

STT chair Rob De Fegeley (ex-Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro) has been pulling some strings with his extensive contacts in the logging industry. It's possible this is a backdoor attempt to get FSC controlled wood certification for STT (Forestry Tasmania). After-all who has seen the 99 year lease contract allowing US-owned Reliance to operate on public land? Nobody.

Two large offshore funds, based in taxhavens, Forico and Reliance now control the entire Tasmanian hardwood plantation sector. Almost the entire Tasmanian timber industry is certified by one company - Global-Mark. Essentially, the whole Tasmanian woodchip industry has only one customer - the 'Asian Population Catastrophe'.

The take-home message is that 'catastrophic climatechange' is actually 'catastrophic overpopulation'. In Tasmania, we see Chinese agents masquerading as fundamentalist Liberals. Guy Barnett and Eric Abetz are examples of fake Liberals working against the Australian Nation.