Pulp Mill Site To Produce Hydrogen?

TAP Research is aware plans are underway to produce hydrogen at Bell Bay. PM Morrison pledged to fund hydrogen production under his gasfired COVID recovery plan. We are aware the pulp mill site and a proposed workers village near George Town went to the same buyer. But why did the buyer want to remain annonymous? Is the buyer actually the Federal or State governments? Is the buyer one of Morrisons mates in the fuel and energy sector?

Hydrogen is extremly explosive if anything goes wrong. The Feds would assume they will only be killing a few workers at the Forico chip mill and destroying a few vineyards at Rowella if there is an explosion. The Liberals in their permanent slumber think Tasmania is the 'battery of the nation'. In reality it's a battery subsidised by stolen firewood because many Tasmanians can't afford to heat their homes with electricity. Sadly, Tasmanians are used to being exploited by governments.