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31 July 2007
ABC Four Corners

24 Jul 2007
Gunns will be involved in a parliamentary study tour of pulp mills in Europe and South America.
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16 Jul 2007
The Launceston City Council has rejected a recommendation it seek a risk assessment of Gunns proposed pulp mill on the region's resources.
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14 Jul 2007
A Launceston alderman says a director of Gunns has called him to make a personal point about the company's proposed pulp mill at Bell Bay.
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10 Jul 2007
A Federal Court judge has said it appears a deal was done between the Commonwealth and Gunns on part of the assessment process for the company's pulp mill proposal.
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6 July2007
ABC Stateline 'Pulp Mill Reaction'

6 July 2007
ABC Stateline

5 June 2007
ABC 730 Report

18 Mar 2007
Lennon expects to find out the State Government's special process for assessing Gunns' proposed pulp mill will meet the company's end of June deadline.
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22 Mar 2007
Labor and Liberals have voted down a Greens motion to have the Pulp Mill Assessment Bill withdrawn from State Parliament.
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21 Mar 2007
Calls for an investigation into the involvement of Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon in the assessment process for the Gunns pulp mill.
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8 Jan 2007
Gunns has accused its pulp mill opponents of pressuring the RPDC chief to quit.
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2 October 2006
ABC Four Corners 'The A team'

20 Feb 2006
Gunns says it could look to build its pulp mill in China instead of northern Tasmania if a hung Parliament delays the project's approval.
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15 Sep 2004
The pulp mill project for Tasmania will not go ahead, if the Coalition ends old-growth logging in the state.
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