Review of the Freedom of Information Act 1991

Review of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 – Call for Feedback

Comment is invited from members of the Tasmanian Community on the Directions Paper: Strengthening trust in Government… everyone’s right to know.
The purpose of this paper is to promote discussion in the community about the right to know and about a new direction for sharing information with the Tasmanian Community.
The paper has been developed following a period of consultation and therefore proposes one model for consideration, however it is hoped that responses to the paper will comment on the appropriateness of the model, or suggest alternative models.

Recommendations in the Paper include:

  • replacing the current Act with a Right to Information Act
  • greater proactive release of information by Government
  • an overarching public interest test
  • a reduced period of exemption for Cabinet information
  • clearer language to explain exemptions
  • increased powers for external review and monitoring

Comment or submissions should reach the address below by the close of business on the 8th of May 2009:

Dale Webster
Project Manager
Review of the Freedom of Information Act,
Department of Justice,
GPO Box 825, Hobart  TAS   7001

Full information can be accessed at:



Clive Stott