Government appointed consultants report spruiking the pulp mill

Finnish pulp mill company Sweco Pic was given the task of determining if Gunns proposed pulp mill should be built in the Tamar valley. Although the proposal suffers critical deficiencies according to the RPDC, Sweco recommended to Minister Kons that it be built. Download Sweco's report below.

The government also commissioned ITS Global to report on the social and economic benefits of the pulp mill. Download the ITS Global report from below.

Final_SWECO_Report.pdf547.43 KB
Final_ITS_Global_Report.pdf963.05 KB

Sales spiel from Finland - Sweco report

Sweco Pic says the proposed pulp mill will only smell once every 11 years but it is common knowledge that all pulp mills smell.

Sweco reports (page 60-61) that the amount of smelly sulphurous gases (total reduced sulphur) from the smoke stack will exceed the Guideline criterion only once every eleven years in the Tamar estuary and Tippogoree Hills. This sounds like good news for those concerned about odour from the proposed pulp mill.

However, Dr Warwick Raverty (pulp and paper expert) pointed out in an interview on ABC radio (13/7/07) that the amount of smelly sulphurous gasses emitted by a pulp mill smokestack is only '2% of the total'. The remaining 98% are ‘fugitive emissions’ escaping from plastic seals in joins in hundreds of kilometres of piping throughout the entire complex.

The mill won’t smell on paper but Sweco’s report is on the nose and only heightens cynicism and sense of desperation by the majority of Tasmanians.

Where is a proper assessment of risks to the population of the Tamar Valley and where is the protection of health and livelihood of the electorate that is the job of government?